Hazardous Waste Rapid Response

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Removal and disposal of Hazardous Site Waste can take weeks to organise and complete, effecting site efficiency and causing down time, a major problem if you have a work force standing idle, the cost implications are enormous.

Acorn Waste Management has the answer.

We have improved our Hazardous Waste service to all business sectors by developing a dedicated Transport Service using our own vehicles to handle the collection and disposal of such waste - quickly and efficiently.

This will enable us to provide a dedicated, tailor made service to handle any of your Hazardous waste issues. More importantly we can ensure disposal and collection will meet all current levels of legislation so you can sit back with a guarantee of no come back. All our drivers are ADR Certified.

No more waiting for collections, no more extended site down time.

Currently working on a regional basis, with continual structured expansion, the service will be operating Nationally by 2012.

Call us now for details.