Posted: 17th Jan 2017

PAS 402 Certification

A PAS is a fast-track standard developed by BSI through sponsorship from organisations wishing to create credible public standards. These standards are driven by the needs of the sponsoring organisation or industry, while still being controlled by BSI’s rigorous consensus-building processes to ensure credibility.

PAS 402:2013 is applicable to waste management organisations that process construction, industrial, commercial or household waste, for example, at a transfer station, treatment facility or disposal site. It is not applicable to a waste management organisation that operates solely as a waste carrier or waste broker.

Although as Acorn Waste Management operate a division that collects and disposes of certain wastes we are achieving this certification ourselves.

A report is produced after conducting a baseline assessment of the organisation's environmental, quality, health and safety performance, practices, procedures and policies at that current point in time.

PAS 402:2013 requires the organisation to report how it conducts its waste management activities, landfill diversion and materials recovery rates it achieves.

The benefits of this PAS to your organisation:

• Demonstrate your diversion of landfill rates with credibility to your clients, helping them to achieve their own diversion from landfill rates

• Increase efficiency and win more work because the PAS increases the confidence of your customers

• Customers and local authorities are increasingly specifying the PAS in procurement requirements

• Become part of the best practice elite of waste management businesses in the UK

As a member of BUILDUK (formerly United Kingdom Contractors Group) we are showing increasing support for the use of the Green Compass Scheme, PAS402:2013. Additionally, the standard is already being specified by a number of Local Authorities, and an increasing volume of Waste Management organisations and brokers are registered to the scheme.

As a leading force in the advancement of PAS 402:2013 Acorn Waste Management have negotiated an exclusive offer with Green Triangle EMS who can assist with this certification is you are a supplier of ours.

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